All dog teams must fulfill the following requirements to test for mission ready status.

  •  All requirements of Support Personnel

  • Agility Test
  • Obedience Test
  • Aggression Test

Agility Test:
  • Go over a five foot (5') A-frame with a maximum sixty degree (60°) angle.
  • Load without assistance into a passenger vehicle with other handlers and dogs, no aggression should be shown.
  • Dogwalk (1' width, 5' height) with flat rung ladder at one end and ramp at the other.
  • Handler must lift dog to a four foot (4') high, twelve inch (12") wide ledge (can be done by 2 people).  
  • Jump over twenty-two inch (22") diameter barrel or log.

Obedience Test:
  • Heel showing the ability to go straight, turn right, left, and about. (can be on lead)
  • The dog should sit at stops. No verbal directions allowed except the command "heel."
  • Do the above while walking through a crowd. The dog should not show aggression or fear.
  • Do a fifteen (15) minute down-stay with supervision. The dog should not move more than five feet (5') in any direction.
Aggression Test:
  • Team will approach another team and handlers must shake hands or other similar greeting.
  • The handler is to give control of the dog, on leash, to an individual not well known to the dog; and this individual is to be able to load the dog into the dog's usual vehicle.
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