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Our Fallen Heros

It is with a sad and grieving heart that I let you know Missy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. 
Most of you either worked with Missy in SAR or at least knew her as my friend. 

We started out together in SAR in 1993, and she always taught me something whenever I was with her.  Missy was the founder of Special K-9s and my star in everything she did.  She was my friend, companion, mentor and child and will be forever and sorely missed. 

Please remember Missy as the proud canine she was and think of the good things she brought about in her lifetime. Her LEGACY will live on through the dog teams of Special K-9s.
Rest easy, Missy.  God, keep my Angel with you 'til we meet again. I will come for her.

Ja'Na Bickel
Missy and Ja'Na on a search
Missy 1992-2005
Uta 2000 - 2009
Uta exploded into my life on Christmas Eve, 2000 as an energetic 7 week old puppy. Through persistence, patience and love, we learned to work together as a team and formed an unbreakable bond. 

Uta was introduced to cadaver scent in the spring of 2001 and successfully certified in HRD Intermediate Level III and Water Recovery. We deployed on many searches on both land and water, including the STS-107 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, the BP Plant explosion and Hurricane Ike with a number of confirmed finds.

She was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insuffiency (EPI), which meant she lacked digestive enzymes needed to absorb nutrients from her food. Uta regained her health and continued to work in Human Remains Detection for the rest of her life. In August 2009, Uta was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma after an emergency spleenectomy. She recovered from her surgery and thrived for nearly six months. Uta was retired as a search dog following her diagnosis, although she continued to participate in training sessions.

On February 21st, 2010, Uta was assisted across the Rainbow Bridge where she is waiting for her mom, Penny, to join her one day. 

Rest in peace, Uta. Your love, loyalty and energy will never be forgotten, and you have set the bar high for all that follow in your paw prints.

Penny Dick

Sasha 2004 - 2009
Many times life gives us very special gifts, and one of my most precious gifts was Sasha, the day we adopted each other.  From that point on, we became the very best of friends and companions, forming an unbreakable bond, training together and working together as a team.  Our love, trust and respect for each other strengthening each and every day. She was my beautiful dobie girl and my shadow, always with me, always faithful. 
We started training in SAR together in 2005 with Special K-9's, where Sasha certified for both land and water recovery.  We went on many callouts together including the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, where she made me so very, very proud to be her partner.   On November 1, 2009 Sasha was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  On November 7th, Sasha and I took our final trip together, and I held her and loved on her as she crossed peacefully over The Rainbow Bridge.  Sasha took a big part of my heart with her that day to hold until we see each other again.  Her dedication, loyalty and unconditional love will be treasured by me always.  For a short time, heaven truly was missing an angel because Sasha was here with me.

Robin Mallini

Chloe 1996 - 2003
For no bond is stronger than that of K-9 and handler and nothing breaks that bond ... not even death. Please help me in remembering my beloved Chloe. When I picked up Chloe at 16 weeks of age, she was a sweet puppy.  She came to me, put her chin on my knee as I knelt down to say "hi," and we were never separated after that day.  Chloe started her SAR career as a trailing dog in 1999 with Lone Star Search and Rescue and moved to human remains recovery with Special K-9s of The Woodlands in 09/2000.  She had three finds in her career before her retirement from an illness called irritable bowel disease.  Those who have met her know that she IS an ambassador for the Rottie breed and the shining star of my household.  She never met a stranger and those she had not met were just friends yet to be seen. Chloe changed a lot of people's mind about what a Rottie is and should be.  She has enjoyed a wonderful retirement for the last two years.   It's been a long, hard recovery for her, and she has fought valiantly for her life and my happiness.  She died peacefully at the vet's office on the morning of 07/23/03.  Chloe and I shared the same birthday 07/18. Chloe's ashes will be spread in Galveston Bay, where she loved to play and romp and where she had her first find, locating two drowned fisherman.  Rest well, my friend. I miss you terribly and will NEVER forget.  I know you and I will be together again at Rainbow Bridge.

Anni Spurlock

​                                          Cristopher Shawn Candella
                          April 16, 1990 - December 10, 2015

Shawn was a wonderful flanker, student handler, and friend. He brought such laughter and enthusiasm to the team and took on any job asked of him with fierce determination and dedication. He had a huge heart, and anyone who encountered him loved him for it.

He touched the lives of so many with all of the good work he did throughout his life. He would give the shirt off his back, money out of his wallet and lend an eternal ear to those in need, expecting nothing in return. Dedicated to his friends and clients, lovingly committed to his family, and open to all strangers, he was such a pleasure to be around. We were very fortunate and grateful to have him with us, though we wish it could have been for longer.

Rest in peace, Shawn. We'll take it from here.

                         Abney's Dreamwatcher Belle 2002-2015

My second search and recovery partner went to join Missy (my first partner) at the Rainbow Bridge today. She was my most gentle of dogs and loved everyone (animal and human) and LORD the work she did for me when I asked her to search. She worked with me for 10 years and loved all of it (well maybe not ALL the places we went to) BUT she did what I asked her to do. She brought closure to so many out there and had numerous finds to her credit. Go be with Missy now Belle and all the ones that went before you. You can have ALL you want to eat at the Bridge and no worries about getting fat.

My thanks to Don Abney for letting me have and love her. Thanks to all my team mates for letting her work with you all.

End of search Belle-----run free now and with no pain. You take a part of my heart with you.

Ja'Na Bickel
My heart is breaking right now with his passing. He was my third SAR dog and loved being with me and working. He loved everyone he met and greeted all with his goofy smile. I fell in love with him when he was seven weeks old and he never let me down. He worked till he was nine years old and then became a therapy dog. Sonny was my child, my comedian, my heart and last but not least-----my partner. 

Son/bun, my blue eyed little boy-----------go be with all the others that went before you and wait for me. Remember the love we had for each other and don't forget to smile at the Rainbow Bridge. You loved me as much as I loved you and were such a joy for me. Go play now and rest easy, the other SAR dogs will try and take it from here.

Ja'Na Bickel

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