I would like to introduce my services to you.  My name is Ja'Na Bickel, and I have worked with Search & Rescue groups, as well as with various law enforcement agencies, since 1993. Each deployed K-9 has been certified by a national organization such as NAPWDA, AMPWDA, NASDN, AWADA, NOCSAR etc. We work as volunteers and are available to assist you with cadaver/forensic investigations as needed. The K-9 teams have attended numerous seminars and have letters of appreciation on file from different agencies.  We have trained other agencies and put on demonstrations in cadaver/forensic.  We have also written canine cadaver/forensic standard operating procedures for different agencies. Some team members have received certificates for completing ICS 100, 200, 292, 300, 317, 400, 700 and 800.  I am affiliated with the national organization National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  I am also Special K-9s' point of contact for CERT.

I have provided a list of references that I have worked with in the past.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call any of them, or you may call me direct.

 Please contact me if I can assist you in any way.

Special K-9s
Solving the Unknown
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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Montgomery Co. Constable Dive Team
Texas Taskforce 1
San Jacinto Co Sheriff's Dept.
Austin County Sheriff's Dept.
Tomball Police Dept.
Houston Police Dept.
East Montgomery Co. SAR
Sugarland Police Dept.
League City Police Dept.
Shreveport, La. Police Dept.
Harris County Sheriff's Dept.
Pasadena Police Dept.
Sarquest Search and Rescue
Richmond City Fire Dept.
Humble Police Dept.
Angelina County Sheriff's Dept.
Harris County Medical Examiners
Grimes County Sheriff's Dept.
Fort Bend County Sheriff's Dept.
League City Police Dept.
Cen-Tex Search and Rescue
Saint Charles Parish Sheriff's Dept La.
Louisana Wildlife and Fisheries Service 
New Orleans, LA Fire Dept.
Aurora, Colorado Police Dept.
Bowie County Sheriff's Dept.
Victoria County Sheriff's Dept.
Peace Corps
Center for Search and Investigations - Texas
St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Dept La.
Lake Nacadoches Water Patrol
Texas Game Warden
Wharton County Sheriff's Dept.
Texas Rangers
East Texas K-9 SAR
South Houston Police Dept.
Angelina County Sheriff's Dept.
Texas DPS
Travis County SAR
Baytown Police Dept.
Montgomery County SAR
Conroe Police Dept.
Montgomery County Sheriff's Dept
Pasadena Police Dept.
Liberty County Sheriff's Dept.
Shenandoah Police Dept.
Houston Fire Dept. 
Texas City Police Dept.
Coast Guard
Houston County Sheriff's Dept.
New Orleans, LA Police Dept.
State Of LA/EMAC
Waller County Sheriff's Dept.
Dept. of Public Safety
Laura Recovery Center
Bolivian Search and Rescue
Bolivian Police Dept.