Sponsor A Search Dog
This page was last updated on: May 16, 2015

Our mission is to provide agencies with experienced and professional volunteers to assist in the detection, location, and recovery of buried primary crime scenes and hidden remains using specially trained cadaver/forensic canines.

Although our K-9 units are dedicated to assisting law enforcement and search and rescue personnel, we also offer hope to families by helping in “Solving the Unknown.”

When a child or loved one goes missing, it is devastating to the family. In the beginning, we all hope the missing are found alive and safe. In cases where days turn into months, families often turn to us to help bring their loved one home. This need to have their loved one home again is so profound that we at Special K-9s consider sacred our pledge to do everything in our power to bring peace and comfort to the families of the missing. Sometimes just knowing there are those still looking makes all the difference.


Special K-9s makes every effort to stay with the families as long as we are needed. Special K-9s never charges for our services, which means that every family, regardless of their resources, can have our trusted assistance. 

Most of the volunteers with Special K-9s are hardworking individuals who usually have a career outside of their volunteer efforts. Often our team members are not paid by their employers while attending training, seminars and searches. Also, travel and training expenses are very high, bringing additional financial stress to team members desiring to participate.

Our canine partners often experience rugged and difficult terrain and extreme weather conditions while being deployed. There is a great need to have as many canines as possible participating on searches so that canines are fresh and do not become fatigued, decreasing the likelihood of success and increasing their risk of injury.

Canines and handlers who search catastrophic event locations, such as after Hurricane Katrina, must endure conditions barely tolerable to both humans and canines. Having enough canines to rotate in the search can make all the difference. 

Special K-9s search dogs are available for sponsorship through our Sponsor a Search Dog Program. By participating in the Sponsor a Search Dog Program, you help to provide the necessary financial resources needed to ensure that families of the missing will be offered as many search teams as possible to join in the effort to bring their loved ones home.


To sponsor a Search Dog today, choose the K-9 you wish to sponsor and complete the Sponsorship Registration Form. If you have not yet chosen a K-9, you can check out our Meet The Team page to help you decide. If possible, we ask sponsors to consider a year-long commitment to help ensure all dogs can participate in searches. For your convenience, you may make daily, monthly, or annual payments of any amount that you choose.

In return, you will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship with a color photograph of your new sponsored friend. Also, you may annually request a private video of your chosen K-9 for an update on his or her activities.

Finally, you may also wish to consider sponsoring a Search Dog for your friends and family as a special gift sponsorship.

Please contact us by phone at (337) 945-8983 or email with any questions you may have or for assistance with your sponsorship. You may also check the Sponsor A Search Dog FAQ.

Sponsor A Search Dog