This page was last updated on: June 19, 2019
Special K-9s
Recovery Specialists
Solving the Unknown TM
Volunteer Search And Recovery Canines Specializing In Human Remains Detection
Our mission is to provide agencies with experienced and professional volunteers to assist in the detection, location, and recovery of buried primary crime scenes and hidden remains using specially trained cadaver/forensic canines.
Special K-9s can provide expertise in the location of human remains and evidence. We are skilled in crime scene preservation. Our cadaver/forensic canines are trained to locate and alert on the scent of human decomposition: tissue, blood, bones etc. These dogs are trained not to alert on animal remains, only human remains.

The K-9 unit is dedicated to assisting law enforcement and search and rescue personnel. We can provide a professional search and recovery dog team specializing in land, water, ash and vehicle. 

The K-9 unit has responded to many searches, including missing persons and drowning recovery. See below for a few different scenarios we have been used in. 

Missing Persons
Commercial/Residential Fires
Homicide Investigations
Rural and Urban Searches
Vehicle Evidence Searches
Water Searches
Man-Made and Natural Disasters